About Us

Genesis of the Organization

The very formation of SPACE as an NGO was the resultant effect of working with the people of the operational area around some local issues that included the issue of telecommunication services being available to the people of this neglected area and the issue of human rights violation. During the yester years the people in general and the beneficiaries in particular were mobilized lawfully and achieved success in getting connections and services of telecommunication with the establishment of a telephone exchange. Many victims of human rights violation cases received justice through awareness activities that culminated in sustained movements and legal procedures.

In the process of said movements and achievements the then volunteers and social workers got mingled with the people and could observe the extent of people’s prevailed sufferings and felt-needs. They were also exposed to the variety of issues. This exposure acted as an eye-opener for them which eventually gave birth to an urge of doing something meaningful to minimize the sufferings of the people and development of the area as well. Accordingly few like-minded persons came forward to respond to the challenges perceived. Initially they analyzed the issues and problems that either influence or affect people’s life and livelihood and decided to go for a planned intervention. To be able to implement the decision it became necessary to formally organize a Society so that activities are executed lawfully and in a socially accepted manner. Today’s ‘SPACE’ is an outcome of the above context.


A society, being free of prejudices follows the values of equality, justice, collective responsibility, mutual respect and conservation for its sustainability.


To make people aware of socially relevant issues, the challenges and threats they pose to affect their life, livelihood and the state of environment and also to empower them so that they organize themselves, mobilise resources, attain enhanced quality of life, ensure sustainability and, above all, bring a desired change in the reality.

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